10 Year Old For Sale

Having 8 children can be quite the handful. That’s why I am selling my youngest sun, Cloyt to the highest bidder.
Cloyt is a passionate child with lots of energy. His skills are rusty compare to other ten year olds, but he grasps new things in his life every day. He comes with a pair of new glasses and a huge pile of clothes, accessories and 50mg. morphine.

Cloyt has many exiting diagnoses, so I recommend him especially for parents with these types of interests.

He has been vaccinated against rabies, tuberculosis and scabies. Cloyt can write, read, speak, think and walk by himself, but he lacks the social antennas normally children have. That’s why he will be sold to a very low price.
If you are interested, please contact me by mail, or at my office at Secondary school.

As you can see, he has already packed his blue suitcase with all that he needs for his transaction.

Sara McIntyre

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