This months schedule at Public:

November: 8. Come and have a pint or ten and share gossip at the local pub, Public, as Trevors Troubadours go on it like a duracell rabbit. This will be a night to never remember, and a hangover you will curse on the day you were born

15. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." Once again, for the 42. time this year, Trevors Troubadours invite you to gather round our waterhole Public, and share sleezy pick-up lines on this feverish Saturday night

22. Every Saturday is drinking day. If you need to drown your sorrows, this is the night you have been waiting for. At Public you can sing along to Trevors Troubadours text, as they go on about their lost horses and hangovers

December: 22. Come on in and have a special concert experience with our beloved Gospel Choir as they guide us throug a new world of music experimenation. The texts have been re-edited and dressed up in christmas-jingles so they fit this warm and delightful holiday. The incomes from the ticket sales will be donated to the "Norsk Stavkirkeforening", as former members of the satanic organization "BØ!", now proud members of the gospel choir, still feels bad for the burning of old wooden churches in Norway in the 1990s.

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