Sterling Pounds Are Down - Tourism Is Blooming

As the sterling pound have been decreasing in value as a product of the world financial crisis, the tourisme in the whole of England is blooming.
This has also been noticable in the Wikiwood area, The Pork Shop are just one of many businesses in the area that are reporting an increased number of visitors, and especially from foreigners coming in to have a meal before they go to some of the cultural sights and happenings in Wikiwood.


We caught up with two Japanese tourists who were coming out of the popular pork shop and heading to a concert with the Wikiwood Gospel Choir, and asked them why they had come here to our friendly little town.

Aiko and Shizuko from Kobe in Japan could tell us that they had searched on google for holliday destinations i Britain after they had watched the movie The Queen and were fascinated by the English countryside and landscape. Shizuko could tell us that with the british pound being so low, it was relatively cheap to stay in, and travel around in England for the time being, and that they were glad they got the opportunity to visit our country at point in time. They also said that they would be happy to come back to Wikiwood at some other time, even if it would mean that the pounds had risen back to its normal value.

By Even Hill

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