It’s an honour to be writing this editorial for the first edition of our local newspaper.
The wonderful news you are reading today are in fact news from your local area.
After lying barren for a few years Wikiwood Weekly has again risen from the ashes as a countryside phoenix. With the foresight and initiative from one of our local heroines and now New York resident Patsy Paddington also with the help of The Grumpy Trust Fund we have gotten the funding to get the newspaper back on its feet and out to all of you, the people of Wikiwood.

We hope that you will support our newspaper and we will work as hard as we can to give you the best and freshest news from our town, the domestic and international scene spanning from economy and news to sports and culture.

This edition is right off the press and we hope that you will enjoy it today and every week for the future. A congratulation to the citizens of Wikiwood is in order as well as a big thank you to our financial supporters and helping hands in the local community, especially from our local secondary school that have let many of their teachers and employees work on the side here in our newspaper.

Best of wishes to the future of Wikiwood Weekly

Editor in chief
Gregory Lebowsky

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