Aliens In Wikiwood Are Having A Cow

The rumors have been making its rounds here In Wikiwood for the last few days, and WWWekly has made some enquiries concerning the fact that Scotland Yard officers have been patrolling the area. We have now come to the bottom of this story.

As previously reported on the local TV-station, Dr. Ray Bies, the Veterinary at the Wikiwood School’s Farm claimed that one of the cows must have been abducted by aliens. Scotland Yard was called in to assist or local police commissioner Revo Volver and to investigate this fascinating matter.


After a few days here in Wikiwood, officers from Scotland Yard talked to witnesses and people living nearby the farm. They came to the conclusion that there was in fact no alien abduction. Instead an animal rights group has taken responsibility for the abduction of the cow, fearing that it would be used in animal testing at the school laboratory.

Sara McIntyre, the head mistress of Wikiwood Secondary School, says that she has been informed by Scotland Yard of this matter and can assure everyone that no animals are being used for any sort of animal testing in any of the facilities at the school. “The animals, the cows, pigs, hens and horses at the school's farm are only here to give the pupils the opportunity to come in close contact with farm animals that they might not usually get to see. We at Wikiwood Secondary School also have visitors from other schools that are interested in letting their pupils experience the farm and animals.”

Revo Volver has been assured by the Scotland Yard that they will have the cow back from the animals right group within the next few days.

By Even Hill

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