Sexual Harassment At Wikiwood Secondary?

At the 6th of November Wikiwood Secondary School published some new regulations at there parent’s pages. We here at wwweekly find it shocking and disturbing. What is going on over there?

But still, the last couple of weeks have been a tad undisciplined, so we find it necessary to establish a few rules.

Is the loss of Lebowsky driving this school to the ruins? After he left Wikiwood Secondary to work with wwweekly on a permanent basis it seems like everything is going downhill's, first the rumour about going private, and now this?

It is not allowed to sexually harass any of the pupils or the staff.

We are trying to get in touch with the headmistress Sara McIntyre, but as usual she is out of reach. Lebowsky will comment himself when he is done golfing.

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