Old Questions

Hi Aggie.

I am wondering about something. I feel that the day has to few hours. What can I do about this? There is so many things to do and so little time.

Hi there you busy bee!

I did some research, and it seems like there are more people then you who’s busy all the time. So, check out these links, maybe you will find the time to feel bored. Please keep me updatet on how it goes.
Polyphasic sleep
Uberman's sleep schedule


Dear Aggie.

I haven't read a News Paper my whole life, and I'm not acquainted with Wikiwood Weekly, but I heard about your column this afternoon from oneof the Nurses at the Wikiwood Hospital. You see, I am only a little, lonely Stranglebut lying in the Hospital, trapped to some kind woman's head, with a hose up both her nose and my own hairy, little butt. The Doctors are telling me to put words on my feelings, because, as you see dear Aggie, I am a very sad, little Stranglebut. I normally don't go forcing my butt over kind women heads, but I made a terrible mistake a couple of days ago. You see, I though this woman was seriously injured, and in my opinion it is okay to put once hairy butt over seriously injured women, but it turned out this woman wasn't seriously injured at all, she had just stumbled in a pile of muck and fallen into my cage at the farm.

Now, I'm lying in my bed at the hospital looking down at the pitiful body coming out of my butt, feeling miserable. I can't remember ever feeling this miserable before, I just want to drown myself in the toilet. The only thing keeping me from drowning myself in the toilet, is the fact that I'm stuck to this beautiful body with beautiful feet, wearing nothing but beautiful high heals covered with muck.

Can you help me get over this agony?

Dear lonely Stranglebut.

I really feel for you after reading your sad story, I have also read about it in Wikiwood Weekly and I am a bit puzzled. It is not often I have problems answering the questions that people need help with, but you might say that yours is a bit special.

I recommend that you see a psychiatrist now and after they remove you from this woman. It is important that you remember that you acted with love. You clearly are a very caring stranglebut with a lot of sympathy for everything living. The qualities that you posses is something very much needed in this world, and if everyone owned these we would have a better life overall. I hope that you can get over this, and that you will come to see that what you did was really heroic. When your but is removed from this lovely woman’s head I’d like you to sit down and talk to her. Tell her how you feel, and you might find that se appreciates your kindness.

I wish you all well, and so does the rest of Wikiwood Weekly.
Lots of love

Dear Aggie
I am delighted to hear that the Wikiwood Weekly is up and running and especially pleased to learn that you, Aggie, are back in town to help us out with our daily troubles and agonies.

I work in a shop in central Wikiwood, where people drop by for chats as well as for shopping. You might say I am very updated when it comes to local gossip. Only I wish I wasn't! Sometimes I feel I know too much: secret love affairs, kids on drugs, drinking problems, binge eaters - you name it. I wonder if I can just sit idly by and let all these things happen or whether I should get involved. One example: a teacher at Wikiwood Secondary is having a love affair with a rather prominent person in the local community. Their spouses know nothing, yet I see their families slowly breaking up. There are children involved. Should I tell someone or let things take their own natural course? I am no gossip and I don't want to make things worse. Yet I see these people are head over heals with no concern for anyone but themselves. It just isn't right. Please help me out Aggie!

Dear Shopworking Girl
Thank you for your question and I'm pleased to hear that you have missed me.

You ask a complicated question. Many people find them selves wondering about issues like these. My suggestion is that you by all means don't get caught telling! You don't want to find your self in that possition where you are the one to blame. If I were you I would use my information to set them up. You probably know when and where these two meet, and you should use this information to make sure one or both of their spouses is nearby and catch them.

I know you say that you are not a gossip, but I still want you to consider writing for our What's on?! column, no one will know that it is you, and you will earn extra money. If this is not an option for you, you might consider closing your ears and get on with your own business.

Love Aggie

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