International news

Professor Ole Moen on The Presidential Election Of Barack Obama

Today Ole Moen, a specialist on American politics and an often used expert by the national broadcasting company NRK in Norway. Was speaking about the 2008 US presidential election on a conference in...

by Even HillEven Hill 06 Nov 2008 12:38
Videoclips About The Us Presidential Election

US election.

by Even HillEven Hill 06 Nov 2008 11:58

What will the presidential election of Barack Obama Mean to the world Read more about it. videoclips-about-the-us-presidential-election View videos now.

by LebowskyLebowsky 03 Nov 2008 19:47

Local news

Ufo Sighting In Wikiwood Forests

One week ago there was an UFO sighting in the near proximity too our school. A disc shaped object was seen as it took off and hovered in mid air before it accelerated away from the forest silently,...

by LebowskyLebowsky 06 Nov 2008 17:08
Sexual Harassment At Wikiwood Secondary?

At the 6th of November Wikiwood Secondary School published some new regulations at there parent’s pages. We here at wwweekly find it shocking and disturbing. What is going on over there? But still,...

by Caroline HardingCaroline Harding 06 Nov 2008 12:03
Aliens In Wikiwood Are Having A Cow

The rumors have been making its rounds here In Wikiwood for the last few days, and WWWekly has made some enquiries concerning the fact that Scotland Yard officers have been patrolling the area. We...

by Even HillEven Hill 06 Nov 2008 11:45

Sexual harassment at Wikiwood Secondary New shocking school regulations! Aliens in Wikiwood are having a cow. Have aliens come to Wikiwood? Read more about it. ufo-sighting-in-wikiwood-forests The...

by LebowskyLebowsky 05 Nov 2008 14:30
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